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The RocketBlast Story

RocketBlast started as a collaboration between two young entrepreneurs, Karl Swanepoel and William Speed. Both Karl and William gained high management positions at a large social media marketing company, CMO and Marketing Manager respectively, while they were still students.

Karl and William decided to combine their talents and skills, and create RocketBlast, a digital marketing agency that brings industry leading, creative marketing and design to businesses and public figures.

RocketBlast invests heavily into researching the latest marketing strategies to ensure we are always ahead of the game. Get in touch now!

RocketBlast Team

Karl Swanepoel

Chief Executive Officer

Karl Swanepoel is an award winning entrepreneur, best known for being the youngest ambassador ever of The Great British Business Show.

William Speed

Chief Operating Officer

William Speed is an internet and social media marketing expert and freelance marketing consultant to small-medium sized companies.

Laura Bielawska

Office Assistant

Laura Bielawska is the office assistant for RocketBlast Digital. She manages a range of administrative tasks and planning for the company and the leadership team.

Zac Poulter

Marketing Manager

Zac is the creative marketing manager at RocketBlast, specialising mainly in social media management, email marketing and strategy development.

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